How can I stay on my low-fat/low-sugar diet at a Mexican restaurant?

Answer It is hard enough to stick to your diet at home, but eating out with friends or family makes it that much more difficult. The important thing to know is that there are low-fat and low-sugar options... Read More »

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How much sugar is in diet mt dew?

There should not be any sugar in it as it is a diet soda meaning no sugar. But, there is some type of sweetener like maybe aspartame.

How to Balance Sugar on the Atkins Diet?

Many people wonder if they will ever have the chance to eat sweets while on the Atkins diet. The answer is “yes” with certain restrictions and with adequate planning ahead. You should avoid hid... Read More »

Low calorie/low fat/ high sugar diet?

This is an extremely stupid diet and will make you sick. You need far more calories than that to be healthy and to lose weight.Calories are not all equal. Its the type of food that you eat. You sho... Read More »

Does diet pop have sugar?

Diet soft drinks (diet pop, diet soda, etc.) contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Popular soft drinks, such as Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper, contain no sugar.Source:Energy Fi... Read More »