How can I stay away from facebook?

Answer It matters on WHY you want to stay away. Me personally, I wanted to stay away cuz I got addicted to it, but I finally learned self control. But a few suggestons is figure out WHY it makes you sad. ... Read More »

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How do u stay away from swine flu?

use hand sanitizer aloti carry it around everywhere i gouse it before you touch anything publicif someones coughing or sneezing around you, move. dont be afraid to offend them. try and stay away fr... Read More »

How to Stay Away from Treats?

If you're like most, staying healthy and avoiding not-so-good-for-you foods can be hard. But there's a way that anyone can use, and can hopefully help people make healthier food choices and stay aw... Read More »

How to Stay Away from Germs?

Germs are all around us, and we are going to come in contact with them. You can, however, minimize your exposure.

How to Stay Away from a Pseudo Boyfriend?

A pseudo boyfriend is not permanent. Both the girl and the boy know this will not last. It is difficult to get rid of a pseudo boyfriend because even though it is not permanent, the feelings involv... Read More »