Does coffee work to stay awake?

Answer NO - on me it makes feel very sleepy.

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How to stay alert and awake after 4 hours of sleep?

I have been only getting 3-5 hours of sleep per night for the past month. I just had a baby and she's been keeping me up. I would then just stay up the rest of the day. My day starts at 8am. After ... Read More »

Besides coffee, what else will help me stay awake all night ?

How does coffee and soda make you stay awake?

Caffeine causes most of its biological effects via antagonizing all types of adenosine receptors as does adenosine, exerts effects on neurons and glial cells of all brain areas. In consequence, caf... Read More »

Is there a way to stay awake without taking pills or drinking coffee?

Stay occupied which it sounds like thats what you will be doing, don't listen to slow or soft music, and chew minty gum or peppermints!