How can I starve myself without being uncomfortable?

Answer eating ice and lime salt!

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I am a diabetic, how can I get my blood levels normal without having to starve myself?

I've been on that myself for nearly two years. My blood glucose started at that level and over the course of a few months, it dropped to near 110. I do have the occasional high reading when I'm n... Read More »

How to starve myself?

I want to starve myself for a couple weeks?

You are already at the perfect weight. NO You should NOT Starve yourself. I can make you feel better instantly. I am 5 FEET Tall and 190 pounds. Feel fat now? I didn't think so. Look in the mirror,... Read More »

If you starve myself for a month how much weight will you lose?

Starving does work in terms of weight loss, everyone is much aware of the benefits and negative side effects of it as well, by "starve" you mean consume a dangerously low intake of calories I assum... Read More »