How can I spy on my husband using his computer?


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Is it safe to get pregnant when my husband is using hgh?

Category C: No adequate human or animal studies; or adverse fetal effects in animal studies, but no available human data.

I found medical tape and catheter lube in my car left by my husband. What is he using it for?

My first guess would be that he has to use a catheter, and for whatever reason, he hasn't told you. People do strange things, and he may be using it to give himself an alcohol enema. That is someth... Read More »

My husband is using a different web browser to look up porn, is there any way to check the history?

You're absolutely right to say he shouldnt be looking at porn. It degrades women and not only that it has been shown to be addictive. It creates a chemical in the brain that is exactly the same as ... Read More »

Does using a router slow down internet connection on each computer I am using it on 2 PC's.?

I know it does, I work for an ISP and it really can anywhere from 20 to 50%