How can I slice an onion without crying?

Answer The bread in the mouth, open flame stuff are all scientifically unsound. The best thing to do is use a sharp knife and cut quickly. Work on your knife skills first, though.

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How to Thinly Slice an Onion?

Slicing onions is a task many people dread or avoid entirely. However an evenly sliced onion is a great addition to many dishes and can entirely change the texture and flavor when cut to a specific... Read More »

How to Slice an Onion Safely?

Because the onion is global in shape the knife may have a tendency to slip, especially when reaching the steep end of the order to control this from happening there is a safer way to slice... Read More »

How do i cut an onion without crying?

How can I cut an onion without crying?

Wear contact lenses (works for me!)Chill the onion in the fridge first. Studies at Bristol University found that this reduces the volatility of the crying chemical. It also helps if you avoid cutti... Read More »