How can I sleep when it's really hot?

Answer Ugh I can't stand that I have found that haveing a drink with you helps and just not paying attention to the heat you will fall asleep

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Do people really lose blood when they don't sleep?

NO. It is science-y stuff, but if you aren't sleeping much you could eventually get worn down and they stress could take a toll on your body. This would take a long time.Also, when do you wake up? ... Read More »

Really strange sleep. as if when i fall asleep i open my eyes 10 hours later?

This just means you fell into a deep sleep very quickly. You do not dream or remember anything because of your extreme state of unconsciousness. You feel dizzy and groggy in the morning because y... Read More »

Does Nyquil really put you to sleep/help you fall asleep when you're sick?

YES. Take a capfull of NYQUIL, maybe put on your favorite movie, get under the covers, slap your pillow and then zzzzzzzzzzz.It works well especially when you have a cold and are wanting to sleep.

When you have a really amazing sleep, do you find that you sometimes drool a little?