How can I shave down there secretly :/?

Answer How would your mom know!? Its ur body not hers its not like she checks u for hair that would be weird o.O but anyways I use Nair hair remover cuz I ussed 2 just use a regular razor but I always end... Read More »

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To shave or not to shave down there?

Honestly? For a minute forget about what the guys like and consider yourself. You're more important after all!Anyway, to answer your question, I say trimming it is the best option. Why? Because sha... Read More »

How do i shave down there ?

Don't shave. WAX. It will come back thicker if you shave!!!

Do you shave "down there" or not?

You really doon't need to fully shave until your sexually active.and even then, most guys dont mind.But before you are bikini line and what not if its visible, that essential =) for your own embara... Read More »

Should I shave down there?

From what a guy friend told me... He would perfer a lady who trims down below and leaves some hair instead of one who completely shaves/waxes it off because it appears unnatural and resembles a chi... Read More »