How can I scan someting and then send it by email?

Answer Read the manual. If you don't have the manual for your printer anymore, google the name/model of your printer with the word "manual" somewhere in there and try to find it online. You may also be ab... Read More »

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Can you scan something and then send it through email?

If you know which folder it is scanning to. Also, save as .jpeg format for faster uploading.

How do I scan and send a pichter on email?

Scan the picture, save it as a .jpg file then email the file you saved. 'bout as simple as I can make it. Maybe someone else can offer you an easier method.

Scan a document and send it email.?

Inserts 'How do you' to the beginning of your statement.With your scanner, scan the document and save it in the format of choice. JPG would work but you may need to adjust the DPI to prevent creati... Read More »

How can I scan a single file that came as a link, and can i scan arriving email?

It depends on what anti-virus program you have. AVG, for example, has a plugin for most email programs that automatically scans all incoming and outgoing emails and adds a small text footer to eac... Read More »