How can I scan from my all in one scanner to my laptop?

Answer If you hit the SCAN button on the scanner, it won;t work. Period. Go in the START menu and click on HP Solution Center in the HP folder.You will see the SCAN button on the menu at the left. Or, you... Read More »

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How do I scan from epsom printer to laptop (no scanner icon)?

Delete printer from your computer then re install/ Your printer does have a scanner doesn't it. (just asking)

I am looking for a scanner that will not only scan 35mm but also scan negatives from a 120 film cartridge.?

Amazon has many, I saw one for various sizes:… is $100.More at…

Got a scanner how i scan a pic from it to the computer?

Once it's on, it should be found in "My Computer". (Make sure you installed the software/driver that came with the scanner.)

How do you scan a photo on scanner from computer?

If you have a wireless scanner, just turn the connection on and connect it to your computer through the PC and, after putting the document under the scanner, press scan. It then might ask you to wh... Read More »