How can I save this video to my computer?

Answer Hi Tara,You have not mentioned which browser you use. I use Firefox and there is an add-on called "DownloadHelper" which can grab the video playing on the browser page and save it to your computer.... Read More »

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How do you save a video to your computer?

Lookup DownloadHelper:…UnPlug:…or VideoDownloader: of them will be f... Read More »

How to save video to computer from camcorder?

just copy the file to a folder then use windows dvd maker to make a dvd

Can You Save a Youtube Video To Your Computer?

YES! save to My Videos Folder

Can i save a youtube video to my computer?

There are multiple ways to do it, the advance way and the novice way. The advance way involves you going to your c: drive and looking for your browsers cache folder, once you fine it you will see t... Read More »