How can I save ink on my colour printer by not printing your colour adverts or headings or printing in black o?

Answer Drag your cursor over just what you want to print, not the whole page, and highlight it. Then click on File and Print (NOT the print button at the top of the page), and choose "Print Selected." T... Read More »

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In general does printing in colour cost more than printing in black only I have a HP colour laserjet.?

Yes certainly color printing costs more.The black ink is made mainly from cheap Carbon black or some other cheap material. All other three inks are made of much costly ingredients. Black ink is tot... Read More »

Printer using colour ink in printing black and white document?

You have edited in photoshop. What is mode of document? Is it grayscale, bitmap or RGB. If it is rgb or cmyk it will consume all inks. Convert it to pure black and white bitmap.

Why is my colour printer printing in green only?

Run a few print head cleaning.however if that fails and you have a number 78, 23, 17, 57, 28, or 22 cartridge: they actually have a nasty little habit of forming air bubbles behind the print head a... Read More »

Photo printing in colour printer.?

No difference. If you use the same photo paper in either printer, the output will be just as good on both. The advantage of a multi-function is that you are not limited to printing only versus a Ph... Read More »