How can I save a JPEG picture in black and white not colour?

Answer I use MGI photo suite to change to Grayscale and then save.

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White also a colour and black also a colour but why the black and white TV is not called as Colour TV?

Great Thinking. We'll call it color tv from now on. Happy?

Photoshop save picture w/transparent BG in .jpeg file?

The only way to have a transparent background is if you use PNG. I'm sorry. Are you uploading to deviantART? Save it as .PSD. It'll let you upload it that way. I'd still go with PNG though, because... Read More »

How can I save ink on my colour printer by not printing your colour adverts or headings or printing in black o?

Drag your cursor over just what you want to print, not the whole page, and highlight it. Then click on File and Print (NOT the print button at the top of the page), and choose "Print Selected." T... Read More »

What colour looks best with black and white?

Any neon colors (colours). My personal favorite is neon pink or neon green. Really any colors (colours) go good with black and white but my opinion is neon colors (colours). My second recommendatio... Read More »