How can I safely create a Power Surge to damage my Lcd monitor?

Answer Will you be able to sleep at night?

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Can you fix power surge damage?

I would advise you to buy an new one, you would never know if the repaired one was good as new. A blown surge protector should be considered a disposable item.

Can the surge from a refrigerator cycling on and off damage the circuitry of a gas furnace aqua stat or other electronic equipment?

Answer Yes it can, but I will only give you clue as to why. "What does a single phase motor need to start the motor?" Extra credit!!! Does The Code require a dedicated circuit for the refrigerator?... Read More »

What does"power surge on USB hub"mean?

Windows operating systems allow for each USB device to operate at a maximum of 500 milliamps. If the operating system senses that a USB port has exceeded this amount, it will display an error. Th... Read More »

How to Respond Safely to Water Damage in Your Home?

Water damage, if taken care of at the right time, will not affect the way you live.Your house and personal belongings can be restored to their previous state through water damage restoration. The r... Read More »