How can I run a check of all peripheals attaced to my computer?

Answer should show you the information you are looking forThere are other programs out there too like Everest at

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Anybody know of a personal GPS device that could be attaced to a wheelchair ?

some phones have the gps in them, it can serve a dual purpose, he could ring someone, even without speaking, in case of emergency.and...i cant believe i'm actually suggestting this... they have tho... Read More »

I oftenly have my computer perform Disk check is it healthy for the computer?

You don't need to do it very often and it does not hurt computer.

How do i check ram on a computer?

Check RAM in System PropertiesClick "Start," right click on "Computer" or "My Computer," and select "Properties." Memory (RAM) will be listed here.Check RAM in the Task ManagerHold down the control... Read More »

How do i check how much RAM is on my computer?

I believe what your actually looking for is Hard Drive Space. The easiest way to see how much hard drive space is available on your computer is: -click on My Computer-Right Click on the drive (usua... Read More »