I cant reply for text sms?

Answer Go to message settings there was an option "replay via same center" chose it and select it "yes". That's all. If doesn't work you have to connect with your network provider.

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How to reply to a tumblr text post?

you'd have to reblog it from their blog and add another caption

Do you reply to text messages that werent meant for you?

Tell them you've been waiting at Gatwick for 4 hours now! lol...;-)Kidding!

How to track who sent text message from to my cell phone?

go to read your text msg ( scroll down )

What to do when your wife leaves withought any warning and takes your son with her you try to ring she ignore the calls send 100 text no reply?

Answer Yes! Every month my breasts hurt very bad from ovulation to my period and this month they didn't hurt at all and I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant! They still don't hurt to bad just more achey and... Read More »