How can I remove these famous viruses?

Answer they are not viruses :O ! , any way it could be spy malware you should try also spyware doctor

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Could these emails be viruses?

Don't open any emails that you don't know who they are from.. I did this and got a virus, mine was a greeting card, don't open them...

How doI get rid of these viruses I got when I was looking at x-rated websites?

No antivirus is 100%. However, they protect from ~99% or viruses or so. Still , that 1 % can be annoying. MyWot is ok, but it protects from long-lasting scams usually and not from actual malware th... Read More »

Is there help for free get rid of these viruses on my computer?

Many things you can do that are free. First you need a antivirus program, also Malwarebytes anti-malware is another good free program. You can get them at Also if you need removal hel... Read More »

My computer keeps having these wierd popups. I've scanned for viruses but nothing. Please help.?

Your machine is infected. Pop-ups are mostly caused by adware, spyware, and other malicious and unwanted software and using pop-up blocker won't help an infected PC. Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpywa... Read More »