How can I remove these famous viruses?

Answer they are not viruses :O ! , any way it could be spy malware you should try also spyware doctor

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How to Remove Win32 Viruses?

Win32 viruses are malicious programs that affect Microsoft Windows operating systems. Win32 viruses infect computer files in order to steal information, delete or corrupt files and allow remote co... Read More »

How to Remove Malicious Viruses?

Email attachments are a major source of viruses, according to Symantec. The most common types of malicious viruses include macro viruses, multipartite viruses, master boot record viruses, boot sec... Read More »

How do you remove spyware and viruses?

Find a Virus Protection ProgramSeveral software packages are available for purchase online and at computer stores that will remove spyware and viruses from your computer while working to prevent fu... Read More »

How to Remove Viruses From Svchost.exe?

Svchost.exe is a needed program in the Windows operating system, as software applications use svchost.exe as a host in executing and launching the application. Without svchost.exe, many application... Read More »