How can I remove the write-protection on a computer disk?

Answer You need administrator privileges. Then right click on the drive and click 'properties' and choose 'security'. There you will find the "write" settings.

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How to Remove Write Protection From a CD?

Write protection prevents a CD from being changed or modified. However, you can remove the write protection if you wish to add more contents or edit existing data. Microsoft Windows gives you an op... Read More »

How to Remove Write Protection From an SD Card?

SD cards allow you to store digital information; you can use SD cards with most electronic devices like digital cameras and computers. An SD card will become write protected if the switch on the ca... Read More »

How to remove write protection from my pen drive?

There should be a small thing that sticks out that shows a lock locked (write protection on) and the lock unlocked (write protection off).Question: Write ProtectedMy USB Drive is write protected. W... Read More »

How do I remove write protection from an MP3 player?

The Device's ManualLocate the manual for the MP3 player. This is the literature that will show you how to locate the "Lock" or "Write Protection" switch on the device. Skim the manual for the schem... Read More »