How can I remove Dr. Guard from my computer for free?

Answer Try this one, this is free, it's a removal tool designed to remove Dr. Guard…To download this free removal tool, use the red button in the bottom of the page.

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I need to remove spyware from my computer does anyone know any free ones?

What is the best and cheapest (or free) way to remove viruses from my computer?

Avast anti-virus which better definitions, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit built in, faster and more reliable:…Setup Guide: Read More »

How do i remove a trojan virus from a computer for free?

Trojan horse viruses can be nasty little buggers. They sneak into your computer by way of other file downloads. A Trojan usually masquerades as a safe file, such as a picture or a music file, but o... Read More »

Is there any free downloadable software to remove spywares in my computer?

Yes, there are free ones, but they are not as good. I downloaded a few of them before (Adaware, spybot, etc.). Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. I now have Spy Sweeper by Webroot installe... Read More »