How can I register a new invention?

Answer You've created a new invention and have decided to register it. This is the first step in a process that many inventors must take if they feel that they can make a profit from their invention or if... Read More »

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How do you register an invention?

The invention registration is a long process. First of all the scientist or a researcher concerned with the thing he has come up with is checked by series of experts of the concerned field (of whic... Read More »

Criteria for an Invention?

An invention represents an idea generated for the first time through the power of someone's thought. In patent law, an invention refers to a new, useful and non-obvious concept that represents a co... Read More »

The Invention of the Car Engine?

Although the automobile is considered to be an American creation, the invention of the automobile engine is rooted in Europe. It developed over a period of more than a century from the use of steam... Read More »

Invention of refrigerator?

Thomas Elkins created the refrigerator in 1879.