How can I rectify this windows XP cockup?

Answer It sounds like your computer is coping with a harddrive (HD) error. This can be a software or hardware error. Pray it's a software error, because a hardware error means buying a new HD (not an enti... Read More »

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How to Rectify a 120 AC Without a Transformer?

If you rectify household current, which is alternating current (AC) at 120 volts, you get direct current (DC) at 120 volts. Current rectification uses a simple device made out of diodes, which are ... Read More »

Put new ink cartridge in and it still saying my ink is low and i have to order more. what do i do to rectify?

depending on which model of printer. are you buying a original ink cartridge? i could be the manufacturing defects on the chip on the cartridge itself. otherwi, un-plug all wires, re-start then try... Read More »

Rectify 120vac and step it down to 75 VDC.?

Buy one step down transformer 120V : 80V rated 30VA. One bridge rectifier 400V rated 10A or any higher voltage and higher current rate should be fine. Connect bridge rectifier directly to 80V ... Read More »

How do I rectify runtime errors?

Application Runtime ErrorsCancel the error message box that appears in case the error displays the box. Alternatively press (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to pop up the Task Manager and simply select "End Task" to... Read More »