How can I record who checks my AIM Away message?

Answer Unfortunately, there is no code within the AIM program that will allow you to track the people who look at your Away message or profile. However, there are websites that can help you track who has ... Read More »

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Does the bank keep a record of cashed checks?

Banks are required to keep a copy of all cashed checks. In fact, most banks now will have virtual copies of checks, which can be obtained online. Checks that are written for $10,000 or more will re... Read More »

How Do I Record Bounced Checks in Quickbooks?

When running a business and selling products or services, there may be times when a customer gives you a check that is returned for insufficient funds. The customer may or may not have been aware o... Read More »

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Technically, backgrounds checks can bring up information on your entire life, according to DetectiveU. Background checks for jobs, however, typically only go back five to seven years, while governm... Read More »

Will criminal record always show up on background checks?

Whether or not a criminal record will show up on your background check depends on several factors, such as the purpose of the background check and the laws in your state. For example, although crim... Read More »