How can I record sounds from my computer?

Answer microphone

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How to Record Computer Sounds with Goldwave?

Ever wish you could record that music video? Want to change a file format? Follow the steps in this guide to learn how you can do that with the computer and sound card that you already own.

How to Use Winamp to Record Sounds From Online?

WinAmp is a media player that allows you to watch and listen to music and videos, manage and sync your media files and more. It also has a feature that allows you to record audio streamed from the ... Read More »

How do I Transfer the Restored Factor Sounds from the Computer to the Korg M1 Keyboard?

The M1, manufactured by Korg between 1988 and 1994, was a widely used digital synthesizer and music workstation renowned for its strings, pads and 8-track sequencer. There is no "re-initialize" set... Read More »

Is it Possible to break a glass with sounds........while only using the speakers from your computer?

depends on the decibels of your computer speakers. Mythbusters proved you can do it with the human voice (amplified), so yes, it can be done with sound. A laptop, probably not. Some good desktop... Read More »