How can I record my voice on my computer?

Answer Plug in a mic into ur computer and use sound recorder that is installed in ur computer

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How do i record a voice on a computer?

Connect a microphone to the mic or input connection on your sound card. This will need to be a computer microphone that has a 1/8-inch jack connection. Open a sound application. Windows has a built... Read More »

How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer?

With Microsoft's Sound Recorder, available on all versions of Windows, you can record, edit, and play back your voice. Sound like a chipmunk, a cave troll, or Darth Vader (thirst for world dominati... Read More »

How to Record Voice & Convert to Text to Send to a Computer?

If you're more comfortable speaking than writing, you may prefer to record your voice and then convert your spoken words to text -- without having to resort to typing. This is helpful for writing a... Read More »

The Best Way to Record a Voice on a PC?

You may find the desired to record your own (or someone else's) voice onto a computer. Although there are many large, expensive programs available for purchase your computer comes with a pre-instal... Read More »