How can I record a cassette to a cd?

Answer Many people have a garage, attic or closet full of old cassette tapes they don't listen to anymore. You want to transfer your music to a more contemporary format like CDs, but don't know how. You'l... Read More »

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How to Change a Record & Cassette to a CD?

How can you move a collection of LPs and cassettes onto modern media and toss the old stuff? You have a few options: use a transfer service, buy an all-in-one device that converts old media to CDs,... Read More »

How to Record Cassette Tapes Onto a PC?

Recording analog cassette tapes to a digital format has numerous advantages. Your audio will last for generations to come, it takes up less space, is easier to store and backup, playback is instant... Read More »

How can i record a from a cassette tape to DVD?

SCART lead between the two. Note that if the VHS is copyrighted, that activates a code which mashes up the picture. There are ways round this but I wouldn't want to tell you them......*whistles, po... Read More »

How Do Cassette Tapes Record Sound?

Cassette tapes are now obsolete, but in their heyday, they were an efficient and durable recording medium. They evolved from steel wire tapes and reel-to-reel cassettes into a compact plastic modul... Read More »