How can I record a cassette to a cd?

Answer Many people have a garage, attic or closet full of old cassette tapes they don't listen to anymore. You want to transfer your music to a more contemporary format like CDs, but don't know how. You'l... Read More »

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How to Change a Record & Cassette to a CD?

How can you move a collection of LPs and cassettes onto modern media and toss the old stuff? You have a few options: use a transfer service, buy an all-in-one device that converts old media to CDs,... Read More »

How to Record Cassette Tapes Onto a PC?

Recording analog cassette tapes to a digital format has numerous advantages. Your audio will last for generations to come, it takes up less space, is easier to store and backup, playback is instant... Read More »

How can i record a from a cassette tape to DVD?

SCART lead between the two. Note that if the VHS is copyrighted, that activates a code which mashes up the picture. There are ways round this but I wouldn't want to tell you them......*whistles, po... Read More »

How to Record Audio From Cassette to Computer?

Magnetic audio cassette tapes deteriorate over time to due age, wear, dust and temperature/humidity fluctuations. If you have some cherished recordings on cassette tape that you don't want to lose,... Read More »