How can I record VHS onto a DVD?

Answer the easiest way would be to get a set-top DVD recorder, or a VHS/DVDrecorder combo unit (some have one touch dubbing)if you would prefer something more customizable you could connect your VCR to yo... Read More »

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Is it possible to record myself on the computer then put in onto itunes and the onto my ipod?

It certainly is. All you need is a microphone. Windows has everything else you need already in your computer. Record your voice with Windows Sound Recorder, then convert the file to the file for... Read More »

Can i record my vinyl direct from my mixer onto my pc then onto c.d?

Yes you can, and I've found this link to explain better than I can:…

How to Record a DVD Movie Onto a CD?

Backing up, or making copies of, DVD movies doesn't require DVD-Rs or a DVD drive that can burn video to disc. As long as your computer has a drive that can read DVDs and a CD drive with copying ca... Read More »

How to re-record onto dvd's?

i dont think you can do what you desire in a dvd-r.there are, basically some types of DVD medias.*DVD-R [Digital versatile disk-recordable]*DVD-RW [DVD re writable]what you have is DVD-r,the featur... Read More »