How can I read a web page with very small words?

Answer press control key and move the scroll wheel of ur mouse if it is optical mouse or go to view and select text size of ur choice.

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At this very moment in time, as you read these words, which would you rahter have?

That would be a shock to see him at Rammie!

How come i see very small little white spots when im reading its like i cant focus eyes on words?

Sounds like something to see an opthamologist (or at the very least, an optometrist) about...

Wikipedia opens in very tiny font way too small to read. How do I get it back to normal?

Hold down the control key while turning your mouse wheel.

How do I get the print on my e-mail page larger. Everything is in very small print?

or ctrl plus sign... or you can transfer in on docs much easy to fix though.