How do I get my 17 year old son to quit biting his nails?

Answer hello.. m 17 too.. explain to him why it is bad.. he wont stop straight away, so he wouldnt show you that hes doing what your telling him to, but exagerate how bad its gona b if he keeps on bitting... Read More »

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How to Quit Nail Biting for Good?

One of the most common and difficult-to-quit habits in the world is nail biting. People may bite their nails for a number of reasons, including boredom, nerves or as a comfort. Often times, nail bi... Read More »

How to Quit Biting Your Fingernails?

Fingernail biting is a common problem and a difficult habit to break. When you bite your fingernails you expose yourself the many germs found on your hands. Break the nasty habit once and for all. ... Read More »

How to stop biting nails?

I just quit biting mine like last week. One day I was like, this is so gross like I touch so much stuff throughout the day and I chew on that O_o so I quit biting and bought new pretty polishes tha... Read More »

How do I stop biting my nails.?

There is finger nail polish that tastes nasty, designed to help people. That helped me a some as I was definately aware of when I was biting my nails. Unfortunately, it kind of burns your eyes i... Read More »