How can I put my mother on my health insurance?

Answer Insurance companies allow their customers to add their dependents to their health insurance plans in many cases, but including a parent on your policy requires specific conditions and a legal proce... Read More »

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If you are getting health insurance very soon from your job are you allowed to put your mother on your policy with you if she does not have insurance?

Answer No. Most plans don't offer provisions for putting a parent on their insurance.

How do I add my mother to my health insurance?

Your PolicyGo over your policy and the benefits summary to understand what is required to add your mother to your policy. Some policies allow this without your taking any legal matters. Other polic... Read More »

Where do you find affordable health insurance for a single mother of three?

Answer Not sure Wiki.Answers allows posting direct hyperlinks to affordable health insurance options in the answers, so email me if you want suggestions for you. Include more details on what kind... Read More »

Is the unmarried mother of children of US servicemen eligible for commissary and health insurance benefits ?

Again, if they are proven to be his children, they are eligible for all rights and benefits married, divorced or whatever in between. She is not eligible. If it is an international "incident", I u... Read More »