How can I put my commercial VHS tapes onto DVD?

Answer DMCA regulations, passed by Congress a few years ago, mandates that manufacturers include circuitry that impedes the recording of any copyrighted embedded material.However, that same DMCA regulatio... Read More »

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How to get DV tapes onto a mac?

Just to be sure...The miniDV tape in in the deck. The tape deck is on.The tape deck is connected to the computer with a firewire cable.The Mac is on and at a stable desktop.Locate the "Dock". It is... Read More »

How to Put Cassette Tapes Onto CDs?

Many of us have old cassette tapes that still hold our favorite songs on them, but everyone knows a cassette tape will wear out and stop working over time. To ensure you don't lose your favorite tu... Read More »

Recording cassette tapes onto PC?

You will need the following:- A cassette player- The correct connector eg. you cannot plug a phono plug into a computer if you don't have a phono socket.- Recording software.Plug a cassette player ... Read More »

How to Record Cassette Tapes Onto a PC?

Recording analog cassette tapes to a digital format has numerous advantages. Your audio will last for generations to come, it takes up less space, is easier to store and backup, playback is instant... Read More »