How can I put braces on my own teeth Orthodontic treatment....?

Answer You can't. If you try you have a HUGE chance of ruining your teeth forever and winding up with dentures for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter that somebody is selling something on E-Bay! ... Read More »

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Orthodontic nightmare... Teeth 80% worse than before braces... ?

Your case is a perfect example of people striving for had a perfectly fine smile.....what made you want braces...??!!I have seen the single tooth extractions work, but obviously n... Read More »

How do I wear orthodontic elastics on my braces?

Some of the brackets on your teeth should have small hooks that are pointed down on your bottom teeth, and up on your upper teeth. You just hook the band around these. Now as for which teeth you ha... Read More »

A Job Description of an Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator?

Orthodontists provide a wide range of services to children and adults seeking to improve their dental health or appearance. An orthodontic treatment coordinator manages and directs these services. ... Read More »

Are braces covered by insurance can braces make your teeth appear bigger or longer?

Insurance doesn't cover braces and because u have small teeth u will get small brackets the dentist can fix your chipped tooth and over bites are easily fixed with braces. Your teeth will be straig... Read More »