How can I put a youtube video into a DVD?

Answer Click on the youtube video you want, and copy ALL of the URL above.Then open: and paste the url into the space. Download the file, and then burn it onto the blank DVD you should... Read More »

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How to download youtube video not just the sound but also the video into the computer.?

How to Save a YouTube Video Into HD?

This is a guide of "How to Save a Youtube Video Into HD"

How to Convert YouTube Video Into Audio?

Audio conversion of a video on YouTube, the free video-sharing site that's popular worldwide, can be a simple process. You just turn the video you have selected into an MP3, the most common file ty... Read More »

How to get a song from Youtube into my video?

it WAS Rebecca Black's Friday. But since Rebecca had the original video removed the most disliked video is once again Baby by Justin Bieber