How can I put a live video(church service) on my website?

Answer Your best bet will be to use ustream. Its a website that lets you stream live video and audio broadcasts.You create an account (for free), You embed your code anywhere on your website. On the Sunda... Read More »

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How to Live Stream on a Website?

Live streaming content requires a lot of programming and bandwidth from those who create the platforms that do it. Fortunately, you do not have to know how to program in order to have live streamin... Read More »

Where do i enter my service tag on the dell website?

Hey Angie,Depending on what you are what service you are needing. At the link below is a couple of links that may help you. If you need further assistance you can email be at my email address locat... Read More »

How to Put a Free Reminder Service on Your Website?

A mailing list is the easiest way to add a free reminder service to your website. Many websites offer free mailing lists that are branded or ad-supported. This means that a small advertisement is p... Read More »

How do I figure out the best Web Hosting service for my new website?

Try going to a neutral web hosting review site like at and look at a few of the web hosting services. You should look at them primarily on cost, size and usab... Read More »