How can I print each excel line onto a seperate page?

Answer Though one could run a VBA Macro to insert Page Breaks for every single line, that just means you might need to go in sometime and remove them if you ever decided not to have them.The easiest metho... Read More »

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How to Print a Long Row on One Page in MS Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, if you want to print one long row then you need set the print area and set Excel to fit the row to the page. If it is not set to fit the row on the page, then you will print the... Read More »

How do I print page break display number in Excel?

I assume you are talking about Page Break Preview mode where you are actually viewing the data formatted with colored-dotted lines where the various pages would normally end and another begin. And... Read More »

Need seperate facebook page for students from personal?

You can separately have a Public Fan page and you can make a group where the students can join and make school's own community.

Need to map fields in Openoffice or Word to an Excel Spreadsheet, can do the address but not seperate items!?

I am not aware of any pre-written code that will do the interface between OpenOffice and MS-Excel.But the MailMerge feature within MS-Word should have no problems with handling data fields, whether... Read More »