How can I print date of picture taken, on photos clicked using Sony W80?

Answer The date / time information is held in the EXIF data of the pictures - check whether your photo app can print it. If not, have a look at PowerBatch.

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I have photos in windows picture gallery but it wont let me print them?

Open the photo up and you will See a small icon that resembles a printer... just click on it to printOr right click on the photo and click on print.

I'm on my iPhone photos and accidentally clicked on edit and constrain but I can't get off it Help?

Just exit out of there without saving anything.

I can set the date and time on my Olympus sz10 but only the date appears on the photo when I print it.?

I don't know of any camera that puts the time on the photo, only the date, however, the information is in the EXIF portion of your JPG file. So you can retrieve the information whenever you want.

How come when I try to print a picture of Microsoft word 10 it won't print it all?

It's outside the normal margins so the printer chops off a bit. It's basically too big for the page even though it appears to fit on screen!Unless you make the picture a bit smaller all round and t... Read More »