How can I print date of picture taken, on photos clicked using Sony W80?

Answer The date / time information is held in the EXIF data of the pictures - check whether your photo app can print it. If not, have a look at PowerBatch.

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How to Put a Date on Photos Taken With a Canon SD1000?

The Canon PowerShot SD1000 is a beginner-level point and shoot camera. It offers the benefits of digital photography, such as instant image review, without the high price tag of more advanced model... Read More »

On Google Earth Street View, how can you tell what date the picture was taken?

The street views are at least a few years old and with the money Google makes you would think it would be updated more often!If you want live streaming images and the ability to see your house LIVE... Read More »

Why a picture taken with a canon 40d digital camera want print in a p-400 Olympus printer?

There is a satelite positioned in the sky which sends the signals the are received by the decoder through an antena (Dish and LNB) This signal is collected by the dish and which reflects it to a fo... Read More »

I have photos in windows picture gallery but it wont let me print them?

Open the photo up and you will See a small icon that resembles a printer... just click on it to printOr right click on the photo and click on print.