How can I prevent people from leaning/sitting on my wall?

Answer the best way to prevent this and not destroy the look of the wall and at the same time enhance it is to erect a small trellis on the top of it and centred in the middle....looks good and you can p... Read More »

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Is it true that The people under your friends list on your wall are the people who visit your wall the most.?

Yes it is true. It couldn't possibly be the people you visit the most, because I hardly ever visit the profile of those under my friends list. It seems true, also because, no matter how many times ... Read More »

How do I Prevent Wall and Window Water Leakage?

A house is a basically a shell intended to shelter you from the elements. Wind, water and sun will pummel your house in an attempt to continue with their eons old routine. A well built structure is... Read More »

I want to prevent PROFILE VIEWER of facebook from posting on my wall?

How can i prevent people from getting my ip?

Pull the plug.... Other than that, be more careful so that you don't need to. VPNs and the like are difficult to set up and very time consuming, and may adversely affect your gaming experience. Fur... Read More »