How can I prevent myself from waking too early?

Answer I had that problem for years dougal, it stopped when i left school, :)

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How to Keep Children from Waking up Too Early?

Do your kids wake up at 5 a.m. , and wake you up? Sick of this? Here's a way you can keep your child from waking up this early!

How do i prevent myself from using my computer?

Just tell yourself you need a break. Go outside get fresh air and some exercise. Get someone to distract you. What you have is eyestrain. Its temporary and your eyes won't be damaged but getting a ... Read More »

What to do to prevent myself from suicide?

Do all the research on the subject in question and speak firmly to the girl who was supposed to create the PowerPoint presentation for you...let her know that she really let you down!

How can I prevent myself from getting diabetes?

You don't 'get' are born with it.