How can I prevent getting those blisters inside my mouth ?

Answer drink more water each day.. its the effect of heat.lack of water may cause it.and see your doctor for some medical advice too.

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I have blisters in my mouth?

Some things to try for relief.1. Take a multi-vitamin with iron, B2, folic acid, B12, C.2. Drink lots of water, add a little lemon to the water for vitamin C. 3. Eat raw onions, tomatoes, banana wi... Read More »

Blood blisters in mouth when i smoke weed?

DiDi what are we gonna do with you girl? lol jk...hmm could be from the "chemical" but as long as they disappear right away then you should be fine.. :)

How to Prevent Blisters With Lotion?

Eliminating friction is the best way to prevent blisters, which occur when your layers of skin separate and pockets of fluid or air form between the layers. This can happen when you wear shoes that... Read More »

How to Prevent Foot Blisters?

If you already have blisters on your foot you will want to treat and heal them. However, if you are about to go hiking, running or walking and want to prevent blisters from ever forming in the firs... Read More »