How can I prevent bad breath?

Answer brush you teeth regularlygargle with mouthwashkeep gum or candy on handdrink citrus juices

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How to Prevent Bad Breath?

How to get rid of bad breath with some common bad breath cures! Does this Spark an idea?

How to Prevent Morning Breath?

Morning breath can be awfully embarrassing when you're just waking up. So here are some easy steps to try to get rid of morning breath.... Or at least fake it.

What do you do to try to prevent bad breath throughout the day?

i have mentos on hand, dental floss if i have stuff in between my teeth that my toothpicks won't take out. and i have some of that extra professional gum. and drink peppermint tea.that's if i have ... Read More »

How to Clean Your Tongue and Prevent Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be a result of some medical conditions, bad oral hygiene or simple oral neglect. As embarrassing as it is to have offensive breath, you can actually clean your tongue and prevent bad... Read More »