How can I prevent My eyes from the harmful rays of Computer screen?

Answer I'll like to suggest a few ways.1. Use an L C D set.2. Wear a glass.3. Put a cellophane paper on the screen. 4.If your eyes are alright use less brightness on the screen.

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Are x-rays harmful?

On One Hand: X-Rays May Cause DamageAccording to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), receiving medical X-rays slightly increases your risk, over your lifetime, of getting cancer. In addition... Read More »

My eyes got a bit dry from computer screen?

I really don't think you need to worry...if you had permanent damage from your computer screen, you would be feeling a lot more than dry eyes. For now, I'd recommend you get f.lux ( http://stereops... Read More »

Can looking at the computer screen too much damage your eyes?

Yes, it may result to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Asthenopia.Third link is how to avoid Computer eyestrain.

Why does the computer screen hurt your eyes and not the tv?

because you are not sitting 2 feet away from the tv