How can I prepare my body to welcome the new baby?

Answer 1. Do not harm your baby: stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol etc. 2. Consume at least 850mg calcium per day. 3. Consume folic acid and vitamines.

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How to prepare my body for a first baby?

Make sure you get enough folic acid. Your prenatal vitamins should cover it, but try to eat foods that are rich in it: studies show that women who have diets high in folic acid before becoming preg... Read More »

Why does everyone always say that the baby isn't ready yet Does the baby really decide when labor begins or is it the womans body?

Answer It's actually the uterus and the umbilical chord. The female body produces repressors to tell its body cells not to attack the baby. When these repressors stop, the body rejects the baby, an... Read More »

Does any body know any cool baby games were you can have a baby and then take care of it?

well i know like 7 Zodler.combabydow.combabypalsbabyfuture,com/baby adoptBabys.combaby birth game

How to Prepare for a TSA Body Scan or Pat Down?

New Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security measures, which include a full-body image scan and more thorough pat-downs, have caused a lot of controversy and debate across the country.... Read More »