How can I port forward my minecraft server DIR-615?

Answer People connect threw your external ip adress go to and check it there but you connect threw *local*. Also it is TCP and UDP that is how it starts the server and to check your connec... Read More »

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How to port forward for a minecraft server?

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How do I port forward on a BT Infinity hub/router (Source games, Minecraft etc...)?

open up internet explorer, type in192.168.1.254/go to setting then advanced setting (you might have to type in your password)then port forwarding the supported applicationsthen add new game or appl... Read More »

Minecraft Server and Port Forwarding?

Well on hamachi the only people that can connect to your server is other people with hamachi. To get the bukkit on there just replace the jar. file with the craftbukkit.jar. If you want a port fo... Read More »

Why won't my minecraft server port foward!!?

First, you don't port forward the server, you port forward the router to point too the server! All settings are done at the router. First step, put a fixed/static IP on your server. This IP needs... Read More »