How can I pick up the pieces after getting drunk for the first time last night?

Answer You'll be fine, Get drunk now and you'll feel and think differently....

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How can i get drunk drunk drunk tomorow night,?

Do shots (keep it clear i.e. vodka etc...), the alcohol content is higher and if you have several at once, your body will have a rush in the blood stream and your liver cannot process all of it. I... Read More »

When you're drunk do you forget everything from the night or only what happened when you were drunk?

It is not the same for each person but most people remember the entire night. I remember everything and is why i know i am a great drinker.

Is there a place in los angels where you can buy 1,000 pieces per $1 but you pick..?

You might get that at a Goodwill Thrift Discount Center.

I got so drunk last night.............?

I'm exactly like that - some nights you can drink lots and not get drunk and others have a few and feel plasered .... its dependant on what you've had to eat earlier - and sometimes the mood you go... Read More »