How can I permanently delete websites I have visited so there is no trace of them?

Answer Wow, that is a bad trend that you are doing. Lies only build up to more trouble later. It's a proven fact. Anyway, if you are that unfaithful to your hubby, I suggest you go to google and download ... Read More »

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Is it possible to delete history of sites visited on pc so police or anyonecfant trace what u been doing?

There is no sure fire way of deleting things permanently and they can still be recovered unless you remove your HDD or destroy it.....

How to Delete Details of All Websites Visited?

The Internet offers anonymous access to all kinds of information, as well as a means of banking, communication and online shopping. After the browser is closed, however, sensitive information about... Read More »

How do I delete the visited websites address bar?

Locate your browser's history log, usually located in the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser window.Once there, click "Clear History," "Erase History" or the equivalent command for your browser... Read More »

How to Delete History of Visited Websites?

Deleting your browsing history is helpful in many ways. Although privacy concerns are generally some of the most common reasons that Internet users delete the history of websites they have visited,... Read More »