How can I paint Styrofoam?

Answer Styrofoam is frequently used in arts and crafts and can be especially popular around holidays in the making of ornaments or Halloween displays. Styrofoam is a low-cost and low-maintenance material ... Read More »

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How to Paint Styrofoam?

Painting styrofoam can be difficult.

Can you spray paint styrofoam?

Spray paint cannot be used on Styrofoam; the chemicals in the spray paint will cause the foam to melt. Only paints that specifically say they may be used on Styrofoam should be used.References:Thri... Read More »

If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

Answer if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordinglyAnother thought.Do not ... Read More »

Can I Paint Flat Paint Over Freshly Painted Satin Paint on Interior Walls?

Do-it-yourselfers can paint over walls coated with freshly applied satin paint. However, they should understand a few points before they begin, or they are likely to end up with peeling or bleed-th... Read More »