How can I network my PS3 with my laptop?

Answer There are two primary reasons to network a PS3 gaming console and a laptop. The first is an Internet connection--you may want to allow your PS3 to access the Internet using the connection on your l... Read More »

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Can a laptop with no Network Adapter be connected to the internet?

YesYou can use the modem if it has one or buy an external modem to connect to the serial port. If you want to use broadband then you need to have a USB port and buy a USB to Ethernet adapter or a W... Read More »

Which network cable is compatible with my laptop?

All of them are compatible,There are basically three Ethernet standards in use:IEEE 802.3a - 10BASE2 - 10 Mbps (Legacy)IEEE 802.3u - 100BASE-TX - 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet)IEEE 802.3z - 1000BASE-X... Read More »

Is there a way to get on a wireless network(internet) on a laptop with no password?

Yes, it's true. You just should be lucky to pick up a signal from a user who didn't protect his wireless network connection with a password. There are lots.Try to pick up a signal, driving around a... Read More »

My Laptop Won't Work With a Network Internet Cable?

If you plug a network Internet, or Ethernet, cable into the back of your laptop computer only to find that your computer can't seem to recognize the cable, this means that your computer's wired Int... Read More »