How can I naturally rid myself of this undying peeing sensation?

Answer Are you drinking more than normal? Sex shouldnt make you have to go pee more. Maybe it was something with the lube. It should go away soon, just try drinking less if you are drinking more than usua... Read More »

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Is it normal to have a sharp pain in your pelvic area in the middle of peeing and then stop peeing if your pregnant Is this a sign of tubal pregnancy?

Answer That sounds more like a urinary tract infection. You should probably see your doctor so that you can clear it up. It won't clear up without antibiotics.

Anyone Inner Trembling/Vibrating sensation morning and evening...followed by increased sensation after eating?

I'm surprised that your doctor didn't send you to a gastroenterologist to have your stomach checked, since you said you have it after large meals. I sometimes have the same thing, and it appears to... Read More »

How to Get to the Undying in Final Fantasy XII?

This How-To will teach you, the reader, how to defeat the Final Boss, Undying, in Final Fantasy XII. This isn't to hard if you have some great armor, Buuble Belts, and some other things. This boss ... Read More »

Peeing Frequently Help!!!!?

Its a sign of rabies. Get to a hospital quick