How can I move two drives in raid 0 from one computer?

Answer Morning Michaelmake sure the drives are kept in the same order. On the new machine, you need to go into the RAID control utility and scan the drives. It should be no problemDo a full backup first!g... Read More »

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What is RAID in Computer Hard Drives?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a way to group hard drives together to either improve drive performance, streamline backup systems, or both. There are different kinds of... Read More »

What Are RAID Hard Drives?

RAID, or redundant array of independent disks, is not a type of hard drive but rather a type of hard drive configuration in which data is copied between or spread out over several drives at once. R... Read More »

Raid 5 array - 2 of 5 Seagate 750GB drives failed?

Hi BrianWhatever the cause of your hardware failure and data loss, this is what you should do right now:* Do not panic.* If a drive is making unusual mechanical noises, turn it off immediately.* Do... Read More »

I have 3 1TB HDs. Should I do a RAID 0 on 2 & backup on 1, or buy another disk for RAID 10 how about RAID 5?

Correct, 2 drives in raid will give the highest read/write speed. Using the third drive to do image backups would give a good backup solution.My plans for my next machine are to do Raid-0 with 2x 1... Read More »