How can I minimize the appearance of a facial injury?

Answer If you think the ice isn't working, the swelling isn't going away and your only option is makeup, you're going to want to use camouflage makeup. This kind of makeup is used after plastic surgery i... Read More »

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What Can Minimize the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

Many people afflicted with stretch marks are frustrated by the variety of false claims made by various products. The fact is, it can be challenging to remove stretch marks completely, and people ha... Read More »

How to Minimize the Appearance of Unwanted Hair?

Many people find unwanted hair to be a challenge to disguise or remove. Unwanted hair can grow on the eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, sideburns, back, and chest, among other locations on the body. ... Read More »

How to Minimize Facial Hair?

Removing or minimizing facial hair for many women can seem like a part-time job. Each method for taming the unwanted fuzz has its advantages and disadvantages, and all require regular upkeep. Remed... Read More »

How to Minimize Large Facial Pores?

We all have pores and we need them, but we don't want them to be so large that that's all we see when we look at our faces. Pores keep our skin hydrated and soft via the production of oil, but if t... Read More »