How can I merge the horizontal cells (rows in excel doc, all text) into vertically alligned text?

Answer Without a sample of the data you are talking about, it is not too clear exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. So I am going to assume that you have several columns of data where row number on... Read More »

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How to Merge Text From Two Columns Into One in Microsoft Excel?

"The devil is in the details." How true of composing a an Excel spreadsheet. Text used for one part may or may not be used for another. That is why it is better to break down the text into the smal... Read More »

Excel 2007 function to search within cells for text?

The easiest way to do this is with the standard FIND Dialog Window. Just go to the HOME tab and in the EDITING section choose FIND & SELECT (or just use the shortcut key combination of CTRL+F).Whe... Read More »

How to Make Merged Cells in Excel 2003 Grow With Wrapped Text?

Excel 2003 is a popular spreadsheet software program used for maintaining, monitoring and analyzing financial data. Including text notations adds informative details and makes spreadsheets more use... Read More »

Is there a maximum number of Excel rows allowed in a Word mail merge?

There is not a maximum number of Excel rows allowed in Microsoft Word mail merge. You can transfer hundreds or even thousands of Excel rows worth of data to Word through mail merge. Mail merge is o... Read More »